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Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous clients throughout the area. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team.


We complete projects efficiently and on schedule, and go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients.


At Connx we strive to provide the best service for all our clients. In our mission to provide innovative solutions and incomparable service we provide multiple services from Mobile Solutions to Telecommunications Solutions. 


We strive for constant communication evolution, to give our clients more control over their technological estate. We provide our clients with more variety, modular tariffs and flexible contracts allowing for more efficiency in terms of both usage and costs.

At Connx, our Innovative Telecoms Solutions help all manner of businesses save money and increase their productivity. At Connx, our aim is to provide a fully comprehensive service, where you can find and build an entire solution to improve your businesses communications in every aspect.

The five main areas in which we operate are Mobile, IP Comms, Connectivity, SD WAN and Cloud.


We source, maintain, and implement connectivity  technology to connect any application to anywhere on the planet. With this kind of access to information, you can focus more on your business and helping it grow, while we take of your connections.


Our in-house expertise in cloud consultancy, combined with leading-edge technology, ensures you have complete visibility & control of all of your data and IT Environment. 


We build IP Comms

solutions that allow you to expand or contract with predictive costs and all the tools you need! The features available through Connx IP Comms are boundless!



We drive constant mobile communication evolution to give you more control over your mobile estate. We provide both the physical devices and the communications services.


We specialise in creating smart and responsive networks which adapt to the users needs in real-time.

As well as building the solutions for you, we also provide the implementation and management of the services to ensure it is working successfully.

Microsoft 365

We build IP Comms

solutions that allow you to expand or contract with predictive costs and all the tools you need! The features available through Connx IP Comms are boundless!



From our installation engineers, dedicated account managers right through to our management team, we love talking to you and making sure that we are readily available!

We ask. We listen. We deliver.



Innovation is our philosophy, and experience is the foundation that underpins every project that we undertake, as we introduce your business to smarter ways of working.



Technology changes constantly and so too should the way that your business selects it’s Comms.

No more round pegs in square holes! At Connx we use modular solution components to build bespoke solutions to fit your exact needs. Now and in the future.


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Charles F,   Thameside Fire Protection

"We started working with Connx late 2016, and we cannot fault them.We cannot thank them enough for the amazing service they have given us so far".

Robert M, 

Bon Appetit 

"The service has been exceptional, the project management from your back-office team has been first class, keeping us informed at every stage of the process".

John N,

Choice Store

"Connx solved our complex  network connectivity problems, bringing our comms up-to-date  and reducing costs of SD WAN and hosted voice services".

Lucie J,

TLC Recruitment

"We  have worked with Connx for over 5 years and have always found them to always be extremely helpful, diligent and professional". 



David Davidian


Managing  Director

"We started our journey in 1994 to offer customers a refreshing alternative to what the market was offering at the time. It was important to us to offer our customers, service and solutions that they could not find elsewhere. In the years following, our approach has been focused on innovation. We want to ensure that at all times our clients are getting the best solutions available, at the best prices and we never fail to deliver in terms of our service".


Andy Andrea

Client Services Director

"Every one of our solutions are based on innovative yet tried and tested technologies supplied by only the best breed of vendors. Every product within our core service groups; Connectivity, Mobile, IP Comms and Cloud can be implemented as stand-alone  technology or as modular components. These are crucial to building the communication infrastructure that underpins your business, regardless of your business size, geography or industry".

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